Kolton Muntz: The Athletes Behind Pro+

Signing Day Sports‘ first highlighted Pro+ athlete is Kolton Muntz. Muntz is a junior offensive lineman for Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The junior is already up and running with the Pro+ program. If his mid-season highlights on Hudl are any indication, he might end up being a model athlete for Signing Day Sports. It’s more common than not to see Muntz’s opposition end each play face down on the grass – effectively erased from play. 

“I just want to create the best version of me,” said the lineman. 

Having an expert like Matt Seiler by your side goes a long way in finding that “best version.”

“Working with Matt so far has been great. He has guided me and helped me in many ways, and he’s available at any time if I have questions regarding the recruiting process,” Muntz said.

Early on, Seiler has been meticulously evaluating film for Muntz. Muntz mentioned that the two collaborated in order to create his mid-season highlight tape

Seiler also helped to revamp Muntz’s Twitter profile in order to optimize it for the purpose of football recruiting. As noted, Twitter and other social media platforms are effective tools in recruiting, and Seiler makes sure that Pro+ athletes stay on top of their social media accounts. 

“I’m looking forward to the (recruiting) process and when coaches start recruiting me,” says Muntz, in regard to all the work that has already been done.

What has led Muntz to this point? Rarely are athletes as motivated as Muntz. Add in his proactive, motivated disposition, and it’s quite possible we are looking at a future collegiate star. 

Sports have always been a part of his life. Both of his parents were collegiate athletes and imparted the same values onto him. He’s played baseball, soccer, and even flag football, but remembers that the fun didn’t begin until the pads came on in 6th grade. 

“I asked my parents for years to get into football, but they made me start with (flag football) before I could pursue tackle,” he said.

Turns out, the gradual progression of a well-rounded athlete is very conducive to success. Muntz is a perfect example of this. 

He started on a club team in Scottsdale called the Outlaws who were coached by Diron Tappin. Later, Tappin would coach Muntz again when they teamed up for Muntz’s freshman year at Desert Mountain. 

“My freshman year, we went undefeated,” recounts Muntz. “Then, I played and started every game on varsity during my sophomore year even after I tore my labrum during a game in the middle of the season.”

This steep ascension to star lineman is thanks in no small part to the resilience and grit shown by Muntz. 

His sophomore year concluded with a loss in the semi-final game of state playoffs. Soon after, he required surgery on the torn labrum. Rehabilitation for his shoulder has him as strong as ever. He didn’t miss a beat this year, as he has started every game thus far. 

“Overall, I feel that my performance has been good so far this season,” he says. “I’m looking forward to getting even better, even stronger, and improving my skills as a lineman to help my team reach their goal of being state champs.”

To this point, Desert Mountain is ranked number three in the state in their division. They are 7-1 with their only loss coming in triple-overtime. 

“We’ve played really well this season, but we have so much more potential,” says the hopeful Muntz. “I’m looking forward to finishing the season with a long playoff run.”

Hopefully Desert Mountain is able to continue their early-season success. If Muntz has anything to do with it, they should. 

Off the field, Muntz is an active member in the community. He maintains a job at a local golf course where he works at a restaurant but likes to spend his free time outdoors.

“Fishing is very challenging, but at the same time very peaceful being in nature,” he says. “I love spending my time outdoors.”

When he’s not fishing, working, or spending time with friends, Muntz makes sure to stay on top of his course work. He maintains a 3.2 GPA. Of course, the goal is to play football collegiately. But he’s also excited about the prospect of earning a higher education degree. 

At the moment, he is undecided between business or cybersecurity. Long-term he wants to be able to open and run his own business, which will allow him all the time in the world to fish. If he keeps on his current trajectory, it seems that football will allow him to achieve these dreams. 

“I’m a kid with a lot of ambitions and I constantly need to be doing something in my life,” Muntz claims. “Whether that’s football, working or fishing, it keeps me active and prepares me for the real world.”

Muntz’s mindset has clearly already prepared him for the real world. His budding football career is taking off at the perfect time where college coaches are starting to heavily recruit athletes of his age. And his motivation to succeed and achieve his dreams is palpable by anybody’s standards.

His continued cooperation with the Pro+ program, as well as his determination should be fun to follow for the rest of the season. The team at Signing Day Sports is behind you, Kolton. We expect to see you, along with your Desert Mountain teammates in that championship game this year. Good luck.

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