Pro+ Announcement

Signing Day Sports recently launched its flagship program, Pro+. Matt Seiler and Ryne Rezac have already been working with dozens of student-athletes around the country in order to give them the best chance to be seen and recruited. 

Our company is proud to be partnered with these athletes and is doing everything in its power to give them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. And this is just the beginning.

As the momentum surrounding Pro+ builds, we would like to highlight a select group of our enrolled athletes. 

Starting next week, an article series centering around our athletes will begin. Its purpose will be to spread awareness about these fine young men’s stories. In today’s high school football landscape, what does it feel and look like from the inside? And who are the people behind the athletes?

Hopefully, following our athletes’ stories will provide our readers with a greater sense of understanding regarding the rigor of high school football. 

Check out The Wire for the coming series “The Athletes Behind Pro+,” and other articles relating to football and collegiate recruiting.

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