The Duo Behind Pro+: Matt Seiler & Ryne Rezac

Recently, Signing Day Sports has launched a new program for high school football athletes called Pro+. If you follow our social accounts, you may have recently seen some of our members being highlighted. 

Why was this program started?

Who are the people behind its creation? 

Most importantly, how can your enrollment in this new program boost your recruitment?

The Background

Our company was founded on the idea that young athletes needed a more efficient means to be recruited. Thus, the Signing Day Sports’ athlete profiles were created. 

Athletes were able to be seen on a wider scale by coaches and recruiters – without actually “being seen.” While these publicly available profiles helped thousands of athletes get seen and recruited, our internal team recognized room for improvement – specifically for football. 

Along with the constantly evolving landscape of football recruiting, our team wants to be proactive in our offerings. 

From here, Pro+ was born. 

Moving forward, along with the in-app experience (testing videos, interview questions, verifiable measurables, etc.), football players will be able to access individually tailored recruiting help and advice through Pro+. 

“We want to target the individual kid and family that needed help in the recruiting process,” said the GM of Football, Ryne Rezac. “We want to teach and help families in the recruiting process in a more personal way.”

Through the additional services offered by Pro+, our football athletes will easily be able to stay on top of their recruitment. Ultimately, they will be able to keep their focus where it matters – on the field. Our recruiting experts will handle the rest.

Introducing Ryne Rezac & Matt Seiler

Behind this innovative initiative are two bright football minds with a wealth of education, connections, and experience at their disposal: Matt Seiler and Ryne Rezac.

Matt Seiler made the move to Signing Day Sports after working as an Assistant Director of Player Personnel at Arizona State University. He majored in sports marketing and minored in social media before getting his master’s degree in sports law. 

Matt Seiler

Matt Seiler

“Having that minor in social media has proven to be vital for me to work in football recruiting,” said Seiler. “And my graduate degree has been vital for my understanding of NIL.”

Seiler prides himself on the connections he makes through his work and being able to positively affect so many young athletes’ lives. 

“I have been fortunate to meet a ton of kids and families along the way,” recounts Seiler. “I still talk to some today, even some who play at schools other than ASU.”

Ryne Rezac, our Football GM, joined Signing Day Sports after also working with Arizona State University as the Director of Player Personnel. 

“I double-majored in sport and business management and have my master’s in liberal studies,” he says. “But honestly, it doesn’t matter how you get here. It’s all about the connections and the people you know.”

Ryne Rezac

Ryne Rezac

Connections are a point of emphasis for Rezac as well; and one that he is not short of. 

Recounting his previous experiences, he notes closely working with a laundry list of recognizable names in the college football world. The likes of Mike Norvell (FSU), Timmy Chang (Hawaii), Jay Norvell (CSU), Chris Ball (NAU), Chip Lindsey (USF), Billy Napier (UF), TJ Rushing (TAMU) have all shared their knowledge with Rezac over the course of his up-and-coming career. 

Not to be overlooked, Seiler’s list of working relationships includes Marvin Lewis (ASU), Antonio Pierce (L.V. Raiders), Tony White (Syracuse), Shaun Nua (USC), and many others scattered around the country in varying roles. 

The company they keep clearly lends credibility to the weight they now carry in the industry. But their work experience is what over-qualifies them to help get young athletes recruited. 

“Working with Arizona State, the experience of evaluating and just going through the entire recruiting process with hundreds of families is what makes me qualified,” said Rezac, who also worked with the University of Nevada in the same capacity. 

“There’s a handful of players that I recruited to Arizona State or Nevada, Reno that I’ve grown close to. They become family.”

Rest assured; this tandem will bring the same tenacious recruiting expertise to those enrolled in Pro+. 

How Can Pro+ Help You Get Recruited?

The more connections, the better. Right?

In today’s college football recruiting landscape, having someone by your side, advocating on your behalf is paramount. Especially someone with the recruiting proficiency of Seiler and Rezac. 

Seiler mentioned that the ”recruiting process” is often misunderstood by those that need to be able to confidently grasp the ins and outs. Now, “recruiting” is most often associated with big-name recruits who commit to blue-blood programs or the team you support/follow. In reality, the scope of recruiting stretches much further. 

Pro+ is here to help navigate this process, as well as educate recruits on what may be available to them. 

“There are more than 730 colleges at the DI-DIII levels who are looking for players,” said Seiler. “If kids have the passion, academics, and work ethic to play at the next level, there is a spot for them. Colleges understand this, as well as Ryne and myself.”

Shown here, Rezac articulates how individual athletes can benefit from their new program:

“Athletes will get the ability to use two former recruiting coordinators at the power-5 level and their contacts to help boost their recruiting. The ability to be seen by college coaches is priceless. Having personal contacts within the industry at all levels is valuable and our word means something to coaches. Right now, in this program, we are working with a handful of players and families and are working toward finding them a place to play at the next level. We’ve had great conversations with coaches around the country who like the players we have shown them.”

In a convoluted space, recruits too often feel like they are getting left behind when it comes to the recruiting process. Seiler recognizes this gap of understanding and is taking it upon himself to further educate Pro+ enrollees.

“There’s value in understanding and educating young athletes and their families on the recruiting landscape. As an example, if a college coach is recruiting you and says he wants to invite you to a camp, there are follow up questions you need to know the answer to. ‘Why is he asking you to do this,’ ‘is it worth the trip,’ ‘are you actually being recruited,’ or ‘are you on their big board,’ are things we know the answers to. We’ve had to ask and answer those questions and operate from the college’s point of view.”

To this point, Rezac notes that athletes in the Pro+ program have already received game invites to schools. “There’s strong interest from college coaches,” he said. 

The sentiment at this point is that more interest is sure to follow. With the momentum already picking up, there is no end to the number of contacts and interest that recruits can find for themselves with Rezac and Seiler’s help. 

Overall, the goal of this new service is to provide opportunities to as many athletes as possible. The company is evolving in a way that it currently sees fit in order to do so. 

Pro+ is a one-of-a-kind program; and one of the few recruiting services in the country where you will have genuine, personal contact with recruiting experts. 

“We want to help kids reach their dreams,” said Seiler. “Our understanding of college football recruiting, along with our connections and work ethic will help them achieve these dreams.” 

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