Hunt Harrison: The Athletes Behind Pro+

Today, on The Wire, Signing Day Sports is recognizing Pro+ member, Hunt Harrison

Hunt is a linebacker for Pulaski Academy High School in Arkansas. He is already a three-time champion and was voted as a team captain for his senior year. 

His goals are clear, and he has no promise voicing them, because he intends to make them come true. 

“The goal is to finish this year as an All-State linebacker and the top linebacker in the state,” he said. “I feel like my performance this year is up to par with those goals.”

These might seem like lofty goals for a typical football player. But for the Harrisons, this comes as no surprise. Hunt’s dad, Steve, and brother, Hayden, both played football too. While growing up, it was commonplace for the family to take the game inside, which fostered his affinity for the sport at a young age. 

Hunt Harrison

Harrison Family

“Our family has always shared that common love for the game of football,” said Hunt.

“The unbridled, gut-joy I get watching my kid play a game he loves,” states Steve. “Geez man, there’s nothing like these Friday nights. It’s been the greatest ride of our lives.”

This love for the game eventually led Hunt to Signing Day Sports, where he has recently been working with the Pro+ program. Through his work with the program, Hunt feels like he can take his game to the next level, thanks in no small part to the help of their recruiting expert, Ryne Rezac.

“Ryne has been great to work with since I’ve joined Pro+,” he recounts. “He has busted his butt getting my info out to coaches around the country. He has been very encouraging to my dad and I as we have traveled to a few of the schools that he has connected us with.”

And while all of their work so far has been promising, Hunt’s focus is on the present. Pulaski Academy recently earned a bye in the first round of the playoffs. His team is expected to make yet another deep run, and he will be expected to play a big part.

“Our team has played like a complete team on a mission this year,” Hunt stated, particularly of note, considering he is already a three-time state champion. 

He continues on to say that Pulaski’s defense has been working as a close-knit group all season. The Bruins have played in a few tightly contested games this season, and the defense will be counted on to hold them within striking distance throughout the playoffs. 

“It’s been an absolute blast playing with the boys one last time this year,” said Hunt. “Everyone is playing for that common goal of the state championship, and we all know it takes the full team to get there.”

Sounds like captain material. 

While Hunt’s high school football career has been illustrious already, his aspirations call for even greater heights to be reached. As a 6’1” LB, he knows that schools may overlook him. But that isn’t his concern. Hunt controls what he can and improves what needs improving. 

Through seven games, Hunt had accumulated 77 tackles including 13 for a loss and 4 sacks. He’s even picked up an interception. His IQ of the game has increased palpably, as well as his technique for shedding blocks to get into the backfield. 

“One thing I pride myself on is my ability in man-coverage against either WRs, TEs, or RBs,” he proudly stated. “I’ve improved my vertical to 38” this year and have strongly improved my pass-blocking abilities this year.”

Hunt Harrison

#9 Hunt Harrison

On top of his individual skill set, Hunt’s character stands out and paints him as a worthy candidate to move forward in his football career. His aforementioned 6’1” frame may well be an afterthought considering the vertical and his 74” wingspan. 

Perhaps what molded him into a leader on and off the field was time spent with his dad, brother, and grandpa deer hunting. A favorite hobby of Hunt’s, deer hunting is something the Harrisons have long been involved in. 

Since he was eight years old, he recalls making lasting memories on weekend-long expeditions.

Hunt Harrison

Harrison’s Hunting Trip

“Hunting season is the time of the year that I always look back to because my family is all together on the weekends, and it’s always filled with laughter and fun times.”

Maybe this source of togetherness has helped Hunt in creating the tight-knit defensive squad for Pulaski Academy. 

With someone as goal oriented as Hunt, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the future. His D-I expectations are not far-fetched, but his persistent focus on a state championship is what separates him from other recruits. 

While others may be looking forward, or focusing on their individual performance, Hunt is leading his team to the one achievement that matters: a win on the last time he steps foot on the field as a high school athlete. 

He expects to be able to compete and contribute at the D-I level, as do we. At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who disagrees. 

Hunt intends to finish high school with a GPA above 3.0 and earn a scholarship to a school that can provide him a foundation for his future, as well as the opportunity to show his value on the field. He wants to major in human performance, which would allow him to eventually work for Steve’s company, “Infinite Elite Performance.”

“The greatest part has been watching him grow as a person, a player and a leader,” said Steve, looking back on his son’s time in high school. “I learned things about my son I never knew.”

Still, what sticks out the most is his team-oriented disposition. While he knows he can contribute at the highest-level college football has to offer, however he can help a program succeed is in his best interest, and the school’s best interest. 

“Helping out a team in any way, even if that means special teams, is the goal I have set for myself,” said Hunt.

Good luck to the Bruins, as we know where they have their sights set. And best of luck to Hunt as he continues on his path for success on and off the field. 

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