What Will Happen To The Pac-12?

In the dynamic world of college football, where traditions intertwine with strategic decisions, the landscape has been reshaped by recent tectonic shifts in conference realignment. The reverberations of these changes have left us all pondering what the future holds for the Pac-12, a conference that’s seen its fair share of transformation recently.

As we embark on this rollercoaster, we must first acknowledge that we’re entering uncharted waters. The departure of marquee institutions like Oregon, Washington, USC, and UCLA, along with a host of others, has left the Pac-12 with just two remaining members, Washington State and Oregon State. In the wake of this exodus, questions abound, and theories are aplenty.

The Merger Theory

One of the most intriguing theories making the rounds is the idea of a merger. In this scenario, the Pac-12 would reach out to other Group of 5 conferences, particularly the Mountain West Conference (MWC). The goal? To create a super-conference that rivals the juggernauts of college football.

This speculative move could see teams like Boise State, San Diego State, and Colorado State, among others, joining the Pac-12. It’s a bold idea, one that would require the unanimous consent of current Pac-12 members and the willingness of these “invited” teams to jump conferences. But in a world where college football thrives on the unexpected, it’s not entirely implausible. And perhaps the glow of a “Power 5” conference could tempt them. 

A Return to Regional Dominance

Alternatively, the Pac-12 could take a page from college football’s history and return to regional dominance. Before the era of super-conferences, conferences like the Pac-12 were celebrated for their regional rivalries. Perhaps it’s time to rekindle those flames.

A focus on regional rivalries could mean more matchups between Washington State and Oregon State, harkening back to the days when these games were the talk of the town. Smaller stadiums, but electrifying atmospheres, could become the hallmark of Pac-12 football.

Think Fresno State vs. San Jose State. Or UNLV vs. Nevada (Reno). There are potential rivalries to reignite the Pac-12. It’s just a matter of attracting the institutions. 

Independence and Survival

In the face of adversity, some entities choose to go it alone. The Pac-12 could take a page from the book of Notre Dame and BYU by exploring independence. This would mean each school negotiates its own television deals, schedules its games, and operates independently while keeping the Pac-12 name for branding purposes.

It’s a radical idea that could either lead to the demise of the conference or its triumphant return to glory. The Pac-12 would become a loose alliance of like-minded institutions, each pursuing its own vision of college football excellence. Maybe other schools would be attracted to this model as well. 

The Wait-and-See Approach

Lastly, there’s the pragmatic approach of simply waiting and watching. In a world where the college football landscape is constantly shifting, sometimes, the best move is no move at all. By biding its time, the Pac-12 can monitor how other conferences fare in this new era of realignment.

If super-conferences stumble under their own weight or if regional rivalries prove to be the lifeblood of college football, the Pac-12 could emerge stronger without lifting a finger. Patience might be the ultimate strategy in a game where strategies often change by the season.


As we navigate the speculative waters of Pac-12’s future, one thing is clear: we’re in for an unpredictable ride. Theories abound, but the only certainty is that the Pac-12 will evolve in some way, shape, or form. Whether it emerges as a super-conference, a regional powerhouse, or something entirely unexpected, remains to be seen.

In the grand tradition of college football, one thing is for sure: the spirit of the game and the pursuit of excellence will endure. Whether you’re a fan of the Pac-12, a recruit with dreams of playing under its banner, or just a curious observer, the next chapter in the Pac-12’s journey promises to be a story worth following closely.

Whether you’re a parent or a recruit, know that Signing Day Sports is here to guide you on this unpredictable journey. We remain dedicated to empowering the next generation of football stars, helping them navigate the ever-evolving world of collegiate sports. So, fasten your seatbelts, college football enthusiasts. The Pac-12’s adventure has just begun, and it’s bound to be thrilling.

(Top Photo: WSU Athletics)

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