2023 U.S. Army Bowl Game Recap

The 2023 Army Bowl exceeded our loftiest expectations, unfolding as an unforgettable spectacle for all involved. 

The air was charged with anticipation as the event unfolded at the Ford Center, the esteemed Dallas Cowboys training facility. The outcome showcased not just a convincing victory by coach Noel Mazzone’s Team Gold, but the burgeoning futures of the young men who will soon be dominating Saturdays.

The 2023 Army Bowl Game was a spectacle of offensive prowess, featuring remarkable plays and standout performances that left fans on the edge of their seats. Let’s dive into the highlights of this high-scoring showdown.

The Gold Team wasted no time making an impact, initiating their offensive onslaught with a misdirection play on the first drive. Miles O’Neil orchestrated a well-executed throw in the opposite direction of the offensive line movement, connecting with Shamar Riser-Pressley for a touchdown.

In the midst of the game, three towering offensive linemen from St. Edward in Ohio—Ben Roebuck, Devontae Armstrong, and Deontae Armstrong—shared insights into their high school football journey, highlighting their brotherhood. They also offered a glimpse into their college football futures, with Roebuck heading to Michigan and the Armstrong twins choosing Ohio State.

In the second quarter, Jackson Kilburg showcased his precision with a long catch and run to Parker Fulghum, extending Team Gold’s lead. Jeff Hecklinski commended Kilburg’s accuracy, noting his well-timed stepback and vision in the pocket.

I’Marion Stewart, a Michigan football commit, wowed the crowd with a toe-tap touchdown reception from Kilburg, solidifying Team Gold’s lead. The highlight-reel play pushed the score to 33-0.

In the third quarter, Ben Wagoner of Team Black delivered an explosive 45-yard touchdown reception, showcasing exceptional speed and evading tackles to put points on the board.

LSU QB commit Colin Hurley demonstrated his potential with a beautifully thrown pass to Damarion Witten, sealing the deal for Team Black. The precision of the throw left Hecklinski with nothing to do but chuckle at the 16-year old’s ability. That ball was on a rope. 

Damarion Witten’s outstanding performance, amassing nearly 100 yards and three touchdowns, earned him the MVP of the Game trophy. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into Witten’s memorable weekend. 

All in all, 2023 Army Bowl Game was a resounding success, filled with unforgettable moments and exceptional talent on display. The well-attended event showcased the athletes’ enjoyment and passion for the game, culminating in a trophy presentation for the winning team on the field. With a handful of the 2024 Army Bowl participants already selected form the National Combine, the team at Signing Day Sports looks ahead to next year’s regional combines. We will be on the lookout for ’25s who can earn a spot to participate in the sport’s grandest stage. 

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