Scenes From 2023 Army Bowl National Combine

The anticipation was palpable in Frisco as the prestigious 2023 Army Bowl National Combine wrapped up at the state-of-the-art Dallas Cowboys Training Facility, The Star in Frisco. In the midst of the iconic surroundings, Signing Day Sports and the U.S. Army Bowl collaboratively took center stage, bringing to life a dynamic showcase. 

This gathering of 1500 high school athletes marked more than a mere competition; it was a gateway. As participants engaged in rigorous on-field drills and showcased their skills, the stage was set for the selection of next year’s U.S. Army Bowl.

The National Combine, a vital precursor to next year’s Army Bowl, not only served as a proving ground for athletes but also exemplified the commitment of Signing Day Sports to elevate high school talent onto the national stage. As the day carried on, the excitement continued to mount, leading up to the imminent clash of titans in the 2023 Army Bowl game set to unfold tonight at 8 PM Eastern.

The Wire proudly presents an exclusive glimpse into the initial days of the “Biggest Week in Football.” Captured through the lens of the athletes themselves, these scenes offer unique insights into the spirit that has defined this event.

Evan Garrett, Permian HS QB, gives us a sneak peek into the hustle and grind at the National Combine. Hundreds of athletes, early morning dedication. 

Cavalli Jackson, the versatile RB/WR powerhouse from Stephenson HS in Georgia, shows us precision in motion. Running routes, snagging passes – watch out for this talent on the rise!

Evan Tabora, the lightning-fast WR from Richardson HS boasting a 4.53 40-yard dash, takes us on a route-running clinic at the National Combine. Watch the compilation as he effortlessly outpaces opposing cornerbacks, showcasing skills that set him on another level.


Brock Feinberg, the dynamic two-way starter at LB/TE/RB from Wando HS in South Carolina, exhibits his agility in this compilation. Watch as he navigates drills seamlessly, showcasing versatility that makes him a force on the field. Bonus: Catch a glimpse of Brock securing his verified measurables through the Signing Day Sports app. 

Kaleb Nelson, the standout DB/WR from Blair Academy in New Jersey, takes us behind the scenes of his Pro Day drills, meticulously recorded and verified. Clocking in at an impressive 4.44 in the 40-yard dash, Nelson’s speed is on full display. 


Victor Marzan, the DE from East Coweta HS in Georgia, captures the essence of the Army Bowl National Combine vibe. From rubbing shoulders with keynote speaker Mr. David Baker, retired President and CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to standing tall in front of the iconic US Army Bowl Banner.

Jeff Hecklinski, the General Manager of Signing Day Sports and a seasoned college football coach of 25 years, offers a glimpse of the future stars set to shine in the 2023 US Army Bowl game.

Makel Darnell, the standout Athlete hailing from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, delivers a skillful showcase in his compilation from Day 1 of the National Combine.

Timothy Hornick, Offensive Coordinator for Bishop McCort-Carroll Catholic High School, posts a snapshot of athletes attentively receiving instruction and setting the tone for the day. Additionally, catch Eli Zasadni, a formidable DE/LE/TE from Bishop McCort, in action going through drills. 

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