The Road To The 2024 U.S. Army Bowl: Lazaro Rogers

In Lehigh Acres, Florida, one high school running back is leaving his mark on the football scene. Lazaro Rogers of East Lee County High School isn’t just breaking records; he’s rewriting the narrative of success on the gridiron. His impressive journey, starting as a National Combine participant, speaks volumes about his talent and dedication.

As a first-team all-district player, Lazaro’s junior season at East Lee County was nothing short of extraordinary. His 1515 rushing yards set a single-season school record, while his 18 rushing touchdowns marked another milestone. The remarkable feat didn’t stop there; Lazaro tallied a total of 19 touchdowns, solidifying his status as a dominant force in the district. 

He now owns the single season school record for rushing touchdowns, total touchdowns, and rushing yards. Imagine the possibilities for his senior season with additional training, muscle, and confidence. There’s really no limit.

For Lazaro Rogers, football is more than a game; it’s a deep-seated passion that he channels into every stride on the field. 

In his own words, “The passion that I have for the sport of football is something that’s deep inside of me, and I don’t use words to express that passion. I use the way that I play on the field to do so.” 

His commitment to the game goes beyond his eye-popping statistics, evident in the moments where he kneels and thanks God after each touchdown—an acknowledgment of the blessings and goals accomplished.

Growing up, Lazaro had a vision inspired by local football heroes like Mackensie Alexander, who graced the Army Bowl All-American game. Now, Lazaro finds himself on the road to achieving that very dream. 

“Being in a game of such magnitude is one of those things that I want,” he shares. With a coveted invitation to the US Army Bowl, Lazaro can proudly check off a goal accomplished on his list.

As spring ball approaches and Lazaro’s senior season beckons, he anticipates maximizing his potential on the high school football stage. “I look forward to leading my team to the best possible outcome for our season and setting an example for the underclassmen who are watching me,” Lazaro expresses. 

His sights are set on becoming the all-time rushing record holder at Lee County. And if his current trajectory continues, he will have no issue. His work ethic is second to none – especially in the gym, where he’s set some lofty goals. He was benching 305 pounds earlier this month and expects to be up to 350 soon. Ridiculous numbers. 

The recruitment process has been a thrilling adventure for Lazaro, who has garnered offers from several schools, including the University of South Florida. Expressing gratitude for the opportunities, Lazaro acknowledges Coastal Carolina’s consistent support, praises Georgia Tech’s vibrant atmosphere, and highlights positive experiences with Iowa and Liberty. “The first time I’d ever been on a plane was because of my recruitment,” he shares. 

This journey has not only broadened his horizons but has allowed him to connect with coaches and explore places he once only dreamt of playing.

Reflecting on the recruitment process, Lazaro shares, “I’ve had an opportunity to connect with coaches and an opportunity to visit different places and be in stadiums that I’ve only dreamt of playing in. For it to be a place that I was able to watch a game played was an amazing experience.” 

His appreciation for the entire recruitment journey highlights the impact this process has had on his life beyond the field.

As Lazaro Rogers stands at the precipice of his senior season, dreams realized and records shattered, he epitomizes the spirit of a true athlete. Beyond the statistics and accolades, Lazaro’s passion for the game and gratitude for the journey make him a standout not just on the field but in the broader context of life’s experiences. 

As he continues to chase his aspirations, the Signing Day Sports team looks forward to getting him back in Frisco to show what he’s got one last time before taking his talents to the college rank. Good luck to Rogers in his senior season! 

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