Signing Day Sports Partners With Zcruit

In Signing Day Sports’ continued effort to make college sports opportunities more accessible to all athletes, our team has partnered with the reputable recruiting brand, Zcruit

As we say, it’s important that student-athletes take their recruitment into their own hands. But how exactly? This question is one that often stumps recruits. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to be proactive to say the least. 

The partnership with Zcruit aims to answer that question. Zcruit is used primarily by college coaches and recruiters to discover, filter, and track football prospects. It has made the entire process more efficient for over 100 NCAA-DI programs, including many power-5 schools. 

Now, combined with the tools offered by Signing Day Sports’ app, coaches will be able to access more information than ever on any given recruit. Student-athletes’ Signing Day Sports links will be accessible through Zcruit’s platform. This is where athletes come into play.

Utilizing the cross-platform functionality of Zcruit and Signing Day Sports puts everything a coach would need right in front of them. They will be able to see real-time updates on your recruitment as well as your video-verified resume that contains measurables, highlights, position drills, and more. 

How Will It Work?

As far as student-athletes should be concerned, their experience will remain the same. The aim of partnering with an entity like Zcruit is to increase transparency and visibility. 

Signing Day Sports’ technology provides coaches with information on student-athletes that illustrates their character, athletic prowess, and ability to succeed at the collegiate level. Zcruit leads the industry in real-time recruiting updates and tracking technology. Combining these two services makes a college coach’s job even easier than before. This will translate to a streamlined, more accessible recruiting process not only for the coaches, but for each and every athlete that takes advantage of this partnership.

To reiterate, as a Signing Day Sports user, your user experience will not change. However, your opportunities can and will increase. Signing Day Sports makes sure to provide our users with the maximum amount of exposure, and this was the logical next step in this process. 

Student-athletes’ video-verified recruiting profiles will be automatically uploaded and shared to Zcruit’s database of over 100 NCAA-DI football programs. This just ticks another box for college coaches who need to do their due diligence on each of their potential recruits. 

“This is a win win for both universities and recruits,” said Craig Smith, Chief of Development with Signing Day Sports. “(This partnership) will enable coaches to approach recruiting in a more efficient and effective way that will save them time and resources.”

Zcruit and Signing Day Sports

Both sides of this partnership are excited about what the other will add to their platform. Signing Day Sports provides the athletic side of things. Zcruit shows coaches what they need to know regarding recruitment trends and movement. Combining these two different, but similar pieces of data hasn’t been done before. And it’s in this combination that they are changing the game of recruiting. 

“Video verifiable data is vital to the recruiting process. And Zcruit is trusted by universities across the country to bring recruiting data to their programs,” said Smith, reiterating the impact that the partnership will have on the industry. 


Again, nothing with either of these platforms is changing. The two companies are simply coming together to create something greater than each of the entities could offer individually. So, for student-athletes, this article is merely informative. 

Your information can and will be accessed by NCAA-DI schools. They will be able to track your recruiting habits (visits, contacts, etc.) through Zcruit, as well as your SDS video resume and public profile. 

Now, back to the question posed in the beginning of this article. How can you take control of your recruiting journey? Get started today. Create your profile. Upload your video. Keep working to better yourself (and hopefully add updated videos). Zcruit will handle the rest.

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