Empowering Modern Recruits

For modern recruits to get opportunities and be seen, it’s not just about talent anymore. In year’s past, there was a fairly formal process that most, if not all, recruits had to go through in order to get these opportunities. Now, athletes, coaches, and parents are finding new, arguably improved ways to find success in their recruitment. 

With so many athletes vying for the limited spots available with collegiate athletic programs, it’s important for athletes to take matters into their own hands and market themselves effectively. This is where entrepreneurship comes into play, and why it’s becoming increasingly important in the recruiting process. 

Modern recruits’ technology

One thing that today’s athletes have to their benefit is technology. Yes, we’ve heard about it time and time again. The reason for this is how effective the tool is, and if you’re not already privy to its power, you’re falling behind. Modern recruits are mastering the art. 

Technology, specifically social media, is transforming the way athletes can market themselves to college coaches. Through apps, online platforms like Signing Day Sports, and video-hosting services, athletes have more power than ever to take control of their recruiting journey. 

“With the right tools and platforms, young athletes can now take control of their own destiny and showcase their skills, abilities, and character to coaches and recruiters like never before,” said Ryne Rezac, general manager of football with Signing Day Sports. “By leveraging technology in this way, athletes are not only improving their chances of getting noticed, but also gaining valuable skills in entrepreneurship and self-marketing that will serve them well throughout their lives.”

Rezac’s experiences have seen him work as a director of player personnel for multiple Division-I schools. He has seen firsthand how technology is becoming the preferred method of recruitment, communication, and marketing for athletes and coaches. Even now, with Signing Day Sports, Rezac remains active on social media platforms such as Twitter in order to engage with athletes and coaches and facilitate communication between them. 

Self-marketing for modern recruits

It used to be that athletes could simply rely on their talent to get noticed by college coaches. Now, like we mentioned, it’s important that athletes take an active role in their own recruitment. 

Athletes who take the initiative to market themselves and their skills are more likely to catch the attention of college coaches and realize opportunities that may not have been there otherwise. 

Take Mikey Gow for example. Gow is an ambidextrous quarterback garnering national attention for videos he has posted of himself showcasing his pinpoint accuracy with both arms. He is a 2025 graduate, but he has shown initiative by marketing himself in an easily accessible way. Here’s a quick peak at the type of videos that started garnering him attention. 

As a result of his effective social media usage and self-marketing, Gow has earned interest from a plethora of high-end colleges and been invited to a handful of camps and campus visits. Other recruits should take note and follow in these footsteps. 

 Entrepreneurship Skills 

What do you think of when you consider how entrepreneurial skills can help you in your recruitment? Well, consider how these same skills are used in a business setting. By focusing on your branding, marketing, and networking, you can make great strides in your efforts to get noticed. Utilizing these skills can help develop valuable connections in the sports industry that can serve you even outside the context of recruitment. 

  • Participate in showcases, combines, and camps
    • These are great ways to gain exposure to college coaches and recruiters. Events of this nature allow you to showcase everything about yourself (your brand) in front of a large audience – and quickly. You can gain valuable feedback on your performance and learn what areas you need to improve at a moment’s notice. Be sure to research the most prestigious events in your area and attend as many as possible. 
  • Reach out to coaches
    • Don’t wait for coaches to find you. Take initiative to reach out to coaches or recruiters yourself. Send them an email with your highlight film, a link to your recruiting profile, and a brief introduction. Be sure to personalize your message so it doesn’t feel overly “copy and paste.” And demonstrate your clear interest in the coach’s program. 
  • Network with other athletes
    • Building relationships with other athletes can be beneficial to your recruiting process. You can exchange tips and advice with other athletes, and they may be able to provide you with valuable insights and connections in the recruiting world. On top of that, the competition/rivalry created doesn’t hurt either. You should always want to come out on top! 

Take control of your recruitment!

Clearly, there are tips and tricks out there that can further your recruitment. Prior to the advent of certain technologies and the empowerment of modern recruits, it was common to hear that if a recruit had talent, they were going to be found one way or another. Turns out, this just isn’t the case – at least not for everybody. Once again, take matters into your own hands.  

“At Signing Day Sports, we believe that every athlete has the power to take control of their own recruiting journey,” said Rezac. “By leveraging technology, building a personal brand, and honing certain entrepreneurial skills, athletes can increase their visibility, attract more opportunities, and ultimately achieve their end goal of playing college sports.” 

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