SDS Helps College Transfers Gain More Exposure

Transferring schools may be a difficult process for a student-athlete looking to find the perfect match to continue his or her playing career. The transfer portal gives athletes exposure to colleges that have roster openings. However, it doesn’t guarantee an athlete a spot at a new school. Signing Day Sports is designed to help student-athletes get the exposure they need to find their perfect match. Along with helping athletes at the high school level, SDS is helping college transfers gain more exposure.

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Jack Miller, a quarterback from Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Ariz., originally committed to Ohio State University in July of 2018. Miller, who was part of the class of 2020, enrolled early and joined the team in January of 2020. During his first season at Ohio State, he shared backup duties with fellow classmate, C.J. Stroud, hoping to eventually get a starting opportunity. In 2021, Stroud won the starting gig and Miller once again found himself in a backup role.

In late November, Miller announced he was entering the transfer portal and looking for his next playing opportunity. “My thought process behind transferring was trying to find the best opportunity for myself and to play where I am comfortable and just trying to get on the field to show what I can do,” Miller said.

Shortly after entering the portal, Miller created a Signing Day Sports profile to help maximize his exposure. Miller liked the simplicity of the platform and how it allowed him to show college coaches exactly what he can do, saying “I think the Signing Day Sports app is a great way for players to get their name out there and get opportunities that they might not get without it.”

Despite Miller being a four-star recruit out of high school, he still wanted more exposure than the transfer portal brings. On Dec. 21, Miller announced that he is transferring to the University of Florida for the 2022 football season. “At this point in my career, I’m extremely motivated and I’ve been working my butt off to get to where I want to be and to where I know I can be,” he said. 

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Chubba Purdy, a quarterback from Perry High School in Gilbert, Ariz. and another member of the class of 2020, originally committed to Florida State University. He suffered a collar bone injury during fall camp but was able to return to the field. Purdy ended up playing in three games in 2020 and one game in 2021. Like Miller, he also decided to enter the transfer portal in early November.

Shortly after entering the transfer portal, Purdy created his own Signing Day Sports profile to maximize his exposure. “Being in the transfer portal, I have everything on the line. I knew I had to take the recruiting process in my own hands,” Purdy said. “So, I used Signing Day Sports to give me the best opportunity.”

Purdy announced on Jan.17 that he is transferring to the University of Nebraska for the 2022 football season.

“Because of Signing Day Sports, kids that didn’t have the opportunity to be seen can now be seen and get their opportunity,” Purdy said.

How SDS maximizes exposure for college transfers

For football, hundreds of colleges and recruiters are utilizing the Signing Day Sports platform, giving prospective transfers that much more exposure to schools that might not have noticed them on the portal.

SDS gives athletes a platform to showcase their abilities. They can add verified measurables and upload position-specific drills for coaches to evaluate. In addition, they can answer interview questions to show coaches who they really are. College coaches can utilize the SDS platform to recruit both high school student-athletes and college transfers.

Although the transfer portal allows college coaches to know who is looking to transfer, it does not guarantee an opportunity.

The more exposure an athlete can get, the better. For athletes like Miller and Purdy, who were both looking for a better opportunity, SDS helped them take the extra step to gain more exposure and to ensure they found the best fit for them.

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