Pro+ Update

Because of the evolving landscape of college football recruiting, Signing Day Sports has recently offered a new initiative to high school football student-athletes called Pro+

The Pro+ program is a logical next step to take in the continued effort to help any and all athletes be seen. It now serves as an additional way for our recruiting experts to help student-athletes be seen and recruited by colleges.

Along with the in-app experience (testing videos, interview questions, verifiable measurables, etc.), football players are able to access individually tailored recruiting help and advice through Pro+. 

“We want to target the individual kid and family that needed help in the recruiting process,” said the GM of Football, Ryne Rezac. “We want to teach and help families in the recruiting process in a more personal way.”

Through the additional services offered by Pro+, our football athletes will easily be able to stay on top of their recruitment. Ultimately, they will be able to keep their focus where it matters – on the field. Our recruiting experts will handle the rest.

So far, the program has experienced unprecedented success. The success of the student-athletes enrolled in Pro+ has further encouraged the team at Signing Day Sports to push harder. Read below to learn more about the continued success of our student-athletes. 

Pro+ Athletes 

Hunt Harrison, a three-time state champion linebacker with Pulaski Academy, is one Pro+ player who has started to garner significant interest. After enrolling, a few schools have shown interest in the star senior. Austin Peay State and North Texas have both expressed interest in Harrison.

Mikey Gow, an ambidextrous, viral quarterback from Bellevue East is also making noise after joining Pro+. To this point, the sophomore has visited campuses such as Nebraska, Michigan, Utah, Ole Miss, UCLA, and USC. Currently, Gow is rehabbing an injury, but is looking to come back stronger than before when he returns to the field. Get a sneak peek of his ambidexterity in his recently posted Twitter video below.



Chase Ingram, a WR/CB for Juab High School in Utah, is earning interest from a handful of schools as well. He’s recently heard back from Willamette, Lake Forest, Westminster, St. Olaf, Redlands, and more. Ingram is also a three-time state champion in wrestling. 

The list goes on and on as Pro+ continues to expand its reach. Gavin Kuld has gotten interest from Dayton. Beaux Sauve has been able to visit Boise State and California. 

Of course, there are others enrolled in the program that have been given opportunities as a result of their work. There are also many that expect to soon. All of them, however, have boosted the odds of being seen tenfold after working with our recruiting experts. By optimizing their highlight tapes, social media, and isolating the weaknesses in their game to work on them, they have put themselves in the best position to play at the next level. 

Contact the team today to discuss the potential of enrolling in the Pro+ program. We are excited to work alongside you and your family in your effort to get recruited. Join us today!

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