How to Stand Out From the Crowd at a Soccer Tryout

Everyone wants to live out the dream of becoming a professional soccer player and competing for trophies. But, whatever level of the game you are currently playing, you will need to impress at the tryout stage first. This is how you prove that you can make the grade.

However successful you eventually become, you will be continually and consistently tested by recruiters. Knowing how to conduct yourself and perform at your soccer tryout can be just as important as your talent and skills. So, today on The Wire we thought we would make a few recommendations about how to prepare for a soccer tryout.

Be Positive

There is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence – and it will show through to the recruiters. But that doesn’t mean that you should not be positive about your own abilities and what you can bring to a potential future team. Keeping a positive mental attitude is integral to any success.

But being positive is not just a confidence thing. You should also aim to be positive about the players around you and even the officials. Recruiters are looking for signs that you will be able to bring that positivity to their team and an encouraging attitude will say a lot about your character.

Appear Coachable

Following on from displaying a positive state of mind, you want to show that you are willing to learn. Turning up to a tryout and acting as though you already know it all is not going to endear you to most recruiters. This is where you really have to discover that fine line we were talking about a moment ago.

You will need to bring your natural talent and skills to a tryout, but the recruiters want to see that you will be able to be coached and go along with their vision for the team. Listen to what is being said by the coaches and ask questions if needed. Then put into practice what you have been told to show that you can take instruction and deliver on the field.

Make an Impact

This might seem like an obvious one. But it is vital that you impact the game in some way or other during a tryout. Obviously, it will depend on your position as to how you make that impact. But you need to make sure that the recruiters will remember you after everyone walks off the field.

Scoring a goal is good if you are a striker and saving a penalty kick is great for keepers, but you don’t necessarily have to affect the outcome of the game. Impacting a game is far more important and that might just mean being positive throughout or showing leadership qualities.


It is important to understand that we don’t just mean being the loudest on the field when we talk about communication. You should definitely be vocal while playing and making yourself known to your fellow players and the recruiters. But what you are saying is the most important thing.

Try to learn the names of the players you are on the field with if possible. That way, you can encourage, talk, and direct your teammates. Talking on the field is a sign that you are confident and want to play an important role in the proceedings, so learning how to communicate is vital.

Perseverance is Key

It is the way of soccer that you will not always get your own way on the field of play. In this sport, you are forced to rely on the way the rest of your team is playing – and that is something that recruiters are also looking out for. You will make mistakes, but it is important how you then react.

Recruiters want to see that you will persevere, no matter how a game is going for you and your team. Resilience is a crucial component for any potential soccer player as it shows that you will always keep going and do your best. It is no good only playing well when everything is going great.

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Leave Everything on the Field 

No matter what kind of tryout you are preparing for, if there is one thing to remember, it should be to leave everything on the field on the day. We hear this saying a lot from professionals, and it means that you should never come away from a game (or in this case a soccer tryout) thinking that you should have given it more effort.

Not everything you try will come off but if you do your very best and perform to the height of your capabilities, a recruiter cannot ask any more of you. A good recruiter will be able to see that you have tried everything you can to impress and do well for your team. You don’t want to have regrets after a tryout.

Enjoy Yourself

It might seem easy to say but you should always remember to have fun when you are playing soccer. There is a reason why you fell in love with the sport when you were just a young kid and that should show through whenever you play. Smile and enjoy the experience and you will always do better.

Obviously, there is no guarantee when it comes to soccer. You will have to put in a lot of hard work and show dedication to succeed. But if you can prepare in the best way possible for the tryouts and trials you will face throughout your career, you may one day be featuring on the highlights reels and on all the best soccer betting apps.

If you have been invited to a soccer tryout it just shows that someone already thinks you might have the potential to do well. Remember that and don’t take it too much to heart if you don’t make the grade. There will always be other chances if you continue to enjoy playing the game you love.

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