The Top Recruits: Tate Romney

On The Wire, we tell many stories about athletes progressing to the next level. Hearing such a story is beneficial to high school athletes and their parents to know what it takes and how to go about the process of getting recruited. 

As a company, Signing Day Sports’ main objective is to allow as many student-athletes as possible to move on to this next level. If there is a chance that someone out there can achieve their dreams by playing their sport at the collegiate level, we will set out to make that happen. Keeping our users informed and educated is a major component of that.

With that in mind, today’s article will discuss a college football player whose recruiting journey was unique and can give insight to today’s recruits. Learning about these types of stories and what makes athletes “recruitable” to college coaches can be a great tool in progressing your own athletic career. 

Tate Romney – Committed to Arizona State University

Tate Romney is from Chandler, Arizona where he was one of the most dominant linebackers in his class. Cody Cameron, Arizona’s head football analyst for Rivals had high praise for the young linebacker coming out of high school:

“In the four seasons that I’ve covered football down here, the best overall LB that I’ve seen play was Tate Romney,” said Cameron. “That dude did everything in that Chandler defense.”

In his senior season at Chandler High School, he racked up 115 tackles and 7 sacks. What makes his recruitment unique? After graduating high school, rather than enrolling in college, he went on a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For some college programs, this may scare them away from a prospect. Instead, Tate Romney stuck to his guns and did what was important to him. If a program didn’t want him because of this, then so be it. Now, after having completed his mission, and redshirting his first season back, Romney is again a highly touted linebacker in the college football world. He entered the transfer portal on December 5th.

“Despite not playing much in his one season at BYU, Romney is a noteworthy loss to BYU’s defense as they move forward into the Big 12 Conference,” said Mitch Harper, BYU Insider for “He was viewed as a potential key piece in the linebacker room.”

In a full circle moment, Romney decided to commit to his local school with new head coach Kenny Dillingham at the helm. He figures to be a crucial piece of the Sun Devil’s defense. The Sun Devil’s first transfer portal window has them bringing in the first-ranked class in the nation, and Romney is a big part of this. 


Don’t let schools, or the recruitment process change you. If a college program is asking you to be something that you’re not, or are uncomfortable with, then it’s not the place for you. BYU is a religiously affiliated school that is accustomed to athletes going on missions, but this principle should be true of any school in the nation. 

Tate Romney’s plan to go on a mission was a package deal with his football prowess wherever he ended up getting recruited. Now, he’e getting his chance, albeit at another school.

Prospective student-athletes need to be unapologetically themselves. If a recruit bends to the supposed expectations or demands of a college program, it’ll end up an unsuccessful union. If they stay true to themselves, no matter the circumstances, it will lay the groundwork for long-term success on and off the field. 

(Top Photo of Tate Romney: Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

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