Signing Day Sports’ Pro+ Launch Announcement

The team at Signing Day Sports is excited to announce the launch of a new, premium recruiting service for football players called Pro+. 

With the service, football players can get all of the assistance they need in order to get seen and recruited by college coaches around the country. 

From the beginning of your recruiting journey until the ink dries on your National Letter of Intent, a recruiting expert will be supporting you all along the way. Football players can now go above and beyond by accessing exclusive recruiting services and assistance. 

“Our company is beyond excited to launch Pro+,” said Ryne Rezac, Signing Day Sports’ GM of Football. “As a former D-I recruiting coach, I can say that this program will offer everything a prospective student-athlete and his family will need to get the most from their recruiting journey. Being a high school athlete trying to navigate recruitment can be challenging and we will offer the tools in order for you to be successful.”

Pro+ Features

Members of the Pro+ subscription will gain access to a number of features intended to raise their visibility and likelihood of getting recruited.

Personalized Recruiting Assistance

Once you have advanced through all components of Pro+, our College Recruiting Experts will share your highlight tape and Signing Day Sports Player Public Profile with college programs around the country. 

2 Film Evaluations from College Recruiting Experts

Your game film will be analyzed by experts with deep knowledge of what D-I football coaches look for and notice. Having your athletic ability evaluated will give athletes an idea of what they need to improve and what their long-term prospects are regarding college-fit.

Highlight Tape Assessment

Refine and get expert feedback on your highlight tape to stand out in your recruiting journey. Our College Recruiting Expert’s tips and tricks are designed to make your highlight tape stand out more. 

College Scorecard

Our College Recruiting Experts will help you to identify schools of interest based on your college criteria and athletic ability. Having an idea of where you fit in best, will allow you to focus your communications to certain programs that fit your needs and ability. 

Sign Up Today

Our experts have identified a continued need for recruiting assistance. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which next steps to take or if what you’re doing is working. Pro+ is designed to give athletes the best possible chance to succeed in their recruiting journeys. 

If you feel like you would benefit from additional support and expert advice, contact us today to learn more about this brand new package. We’re excited to get started with you. 

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