SDS Appoints Kevin Grogan Senior Soccer Advisor

In December, the Signing Day Sports team announced that former professional soccer player Kevin Grogan has been appointed Senior Soccer Advisor.

“We are excited to welcome Kevin Grogan to the Signing Day Sports family,” said Rich Symington, President and Chief Technology Officer of Signing Day Sports. “As a former professional soccer player, accomplished coach, and sports business consultant, Kevin brings a unique blend of playing experience and business acumen, making him the ideal candidate to advance the Company’s soccer division. Kevin’s wealth of experience in coaching and consulting, as well as his extensive network within the soccer world, will play a pivotal role in enhancing the Signing Day Sports app’s soccer recruitment functionality and further establishing Signing Day Sports as a leader in collegiate sports recruitment.”

Grogan’s journey in soccer began at an early age, signing a full-time contract with Manchester United at 15 years old, and becoming a member of Ireland’s Men’s Under-16 team that would become the winners of the 1998 UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) European Under-17 Championship. He played professionally for nearly ten years, but his promising career as a professional soccer player was unfortunately cut short by injuries.

Since relocating to New York, Grogan has become the Technical Director of Clarkstown Soccer Club and the owner and President of Kevin Grogan Soccer, a private coaching company. Mr. Grogan also provides business development services to Rezzil, a virtual reality and artificial intelligence sports training company.

“Having led organizations at the crossroads of soccer, technology, and athlete development, I could not be more excited to join forces with Signing Day Sports, which has built an organization and technology platform to modernize collegiate sports recruitment,” commented Kevin Grogan. “By aligning with Signing Day Sports, I have the opportunity to leverage both my experience and relationships across the industry. Signing Day Sports’ mission aligns with my goal of empowering young soccer players across the globe. Together, we plan to tap into the global appeal of the sport and create new opportunities for aspiring athletes.”

We are excited to see how Grogan’s motivations and expertise can further push Signing Day Sports into the soccer world. Stay tuned for upcoming soccer events, tournaments, and partnerships that will help thousands of athletes get recruited. 

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