2023 U.S. Army Bowl Roster

As recently announced on The Wire, as well as our social media accounts, Signing Day Sports will serve as the official national recruiting partner of this week’s U.S. Army Bowl

Signing Day Sports team members will have a booth on-site during bowl week which will be dedicated to teaching today’s brightest young football stars about the Signing Day Sports platform, and how it can benefit them in their recruiting journey. At the booth, athletes will also be able to get their video-verified measurables recorded and uploaded into their player public profiles. 

The U.S. Army Bowl is America’s Biggest Week in Football, where the world’s best athletes come to shine. Hosted in Frisco, Texas, by the Dallas Cowboys, Bowl Week invites the nation’s top athletes and teams to showcase their ability and compete on the nation’s biggest football stage. 

As the official national recruiting partner of The Army Bowl, Signing Day Sports has played a major role in this selection process by identifying and selecting a number of athletes to participate in the festivities. 

Today, The Wire will highlight a few of the recruits that will be in attendance.

Ahmad Breaux – DE – Ruston, LAAhmad Breaux

For Ahmad Breaux, the Army Bowl has stiff competition for which game will leave a longer lasting impact. Last week, Breaux and his Ruston squad won the Louisiana Division I state championship at the Caesars Superdome. 

Prior to the game at the Superdome, Breaux had 45 tackles including 7 for a loss and 2 sacks. Committed to LSU, he projects to be a dynamic player that could fit multiple schemes and roles with the Tigers as soon as next year. 

Checking his highlights and Hudl film will reveal all sorts of dominant portrayals of speed and power. He is incredibly dynamic. But this first one is just genuinely otherworldly, and you have to feel bad for the QB / OL duo that got humbled. 

Bodie KahounBodie Kahoun – LB – Patrick Henry, VA

There are a handful of multi-sport athletes that will be in Frisco this week. But perhaps none more talented than Bodie Kahoun. His talent on the football field and lacrosse field have him projected to be an impact player at Notre Dame in both sports. Given his family’s athletic history, this comes to the surprise of no one. 

“The football field, there’s a template. There’s big, there’s fast,” said Craig Kahoun, Bodie’s dad and well-versed lacrosse coach. “When you look at Bodie when he was playing lacrosse, he’s playing on his national team for the last five years. Just tons and tons of talent. He can move a lot within a short time with his speed.”

It’s Kahoun’s distinctive blend of size and speed that propelled the 2024 recruit into the conversation for a football scholarship to a top tier school like Notre Dame. These skills clearly translate well according to recruiters. 

“In the bigger picture, just kids involved in playing multiple sports, too, right? You pick up on tendencies or capabilities (if) you’re playing a bunch of different sports,” said Craig Kahoun. “I would say, definitely, a lot of lacrosse attributes have come over on the football side of things. But then people say he’s got a natural feel for football.

Not only is he a dynamic, multi-sport athlete, but he can play multiple positions on defense as well. He switched from safety to linebacker in his junior season, and in 11 games after the switch, Kahoun registered 200 tackles, including nine sacks and 27 tackles for a loss.

Ben Roebuck – OT – St. Edward, OHBen Roebuck

Read about the dominant offensive line duo of Deontae and Devontae Armstrong before understanding the weight of this statement from Devontae:

“This was definitely a first,” Devontae Armstrong said, after seeing how big Roebuck is. “I was just in awe at first of Ben. I was like ‘wow, there’s finally somebody out there bigger than us.’”

Ben Roebuck is a force in the trenches – a running back’s dream. A quarterback’s best buddy. And the trio of himself and the Armstrong twins were daunting at St. Edward

“It gives our offense a lot of confidence that we have three guys that we know can make any block on the field,” Roebuck said. “Coach loves running behind us, we can run either side of the line, how we’re split up right and left. That gives our coaches supreme confidence that we can run the ball wherever, whenever we want.”

The trio is as close and dominant as ever, but there’s just one problem. They are about to enter into one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports. 

“We had a lot of same offers, but it really just came down to where we wanted to go,” Roebuck said. “And I know we’re (all) happy with where we’re going, and we will see each other for a couple years. It’ll be a pretty good experience.”

Roebuck ended up committing to Michigan while the Armstrongs committed to Ohio State. And at 6’7” and 320 pounds, Roebuck will fit right in on a Big10 offensive line. 

Dillon GreshamDillon Gresham – WR – San Jacinto, CA

One of the newest additions to Oregon’s potent offense will be Dillon Gresham, a 6’1”, 170-pound wide receiver from San Jacinto, California. HIs statistics were eye-popping, but his highlight tape tells the whole story. His route-running, and subsequent evasive maneuvers in space, are so valuable to his San Jacinto squad. 

According to John Murphy, Gresham has everything he needs at this point in time as a dynamic athlete committed to the University of Oregon. 

“For all the Oregon commit’s confidence and four-star talent, he’s just an L.A. kid with swag and a heart of gold, dropped into a sleepy, one-school town.”

Be that what it may, but his motivation to win and bring his teammates along with him is palpable according to those who know him the best.

“He’s the real deal,” said Corey Schouten, San Jacinto’s director of football operations. “The thing that impresses me is the way he helps younger players. He’ll stop and help a kid get lined up right. That goes a long way in my eyes.”

Over his last two seasons, he easily topped 3,000 all-purpose yards, and 47 touchdowns. Lock him as a WR1 for the Army Bowl. 

Colton Heinrich – TE – Cardinal Gibbons, FLColton Heinrich

If Georgia could mold their perfect, archetypal tight end, Colton Heinrich might be that guy. At 6’4” and 230 pounds, he is a physical, engaging tight end who doesn’t shy away from contact. It just screams “Dawg”. 

“I’m a big, physical tight end,” said Heinrich. “I’m able to get in the box and block. I’m also able to matchup against some smaller defensive backs or slower linebackers and just out physical them and out speed them.”

He is not short on confidence – and rightfully so. He’s a football lifer. He’s meant to play this game. Having his high school career culminate with the pinnacle of the sport in Frisco is just the cherry on top of what was always in the plans for Heinrich. 

“I started playing football when I was about five years old,” said Heinrich. “I started a little younger than everyone else. My dad played football in high school and college. My brother also played a little growing up. I was always playing football and basketball. My dad was a tight end in college and my brother was a punter and quarterback.”

Great example of football (and athleticism in general) being in the blood. 

After a dominant career with Cardinal Gibbons, Heinrich looks to join a tight end group in Athens that is tasked with replacing Brock Bowers. If anyone can do it, Heinrich just may be that guy.

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