Setting Up a Game Day Visit: A Comprehensive Guide

Attending a college game day visit can be an exciting and crucial step in the college recruitment process. It offers a firsthand experience of the campus, team atmosphere, and overall college life. This week, The Wire will explain the actual process of setting up your game day visit. 

“The biggest point of emphasis is that recruits need to understand just how easy it can be to get tickets to these games and attend a game day visit,” notes J.J. Kilgore. 

Whether you’re a high school athlete looking to explore potential schools or a recruit eager to get a closer look at your prospects, understanding the process of setting up a game day visit is essential. In this guide, we’ll break down the process step by step to help you navigate the ins and outs of arranging a successful game day visit.

1. Research and Identify Schools

Start by researching schools that interest you academically and athletically. Different schools have varying policies for game day visits, so it’s essential to explore options across different NCAA divisions, conferences, and schools. 

FBS schools are harder to find the links and usually keep them private so that only their top prospects can attend the games,” said Kilgore. “But FCS and some FBS schools can be found on google.”

Consider using search engines to find schools that offer game day visit opportunities for recruits. For example, searching “Northern Colorado recruit tickets” or “San Diego State recruit tickets” can yield links to the appropriate sign-up pages.

University of Northern Colorado Jump Forward

University of Northern Colorado Jump Forward Link on Search Engine

From there, you simply click on the Jump Forward (some schools will use ARMS and not Jump Forward) link and sign up for tickets.

2. Locate the Ticket Request Page

Visit the official football website of the school you’re interested in. Navigate through the site to find any information related to recruit tickets. Some schools may have a dedicated “Recruit Tickets” section, while others might list it under “Ticket Interest Form” or similar headings. Look for links that allow you to request tickets for a game day visit.

San Diego State Football Ticket Interest Form

San Diego State Football Ticket Interest Form Webpage

3. Submit Ticket Request

Once you’ve located the ticket request page, fill out the necessary information. This might include your name, contact details, high school, graduation year, and possibly other relevant information. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure a smooth verification process.

4. Compliance Department Review

After submitting your ticket request, the school’s compliance department will review your information. This step is crucial for verifying that you are indeed a high school student-athlete. They may check your eligibility, graduation year, and other factors to ensure that the tickets are being allocated to the intended audience.

5. Ticket Approval and Notification

Once your request is approved by the compliance department, you will receive notification via email. The email will contain details about the game day visit, including the date, time, location, and any additional instructions you might need. Keep an eye on your email inbox and check your spam folder, just in case.

University of Jamestown Game Day Visit Webpage

University of Jamestown Game Day Visit Webpage

6. Prepare for the Visit

As the game day visit approaches, make sure you’re well-prepared. Confirm the visit details, including the schedule, parking arrangements, and any special events. It’s also a good idea to research the team’s recent performance, key players, and game strategies to enhance your understanding of the specific game and team.

7. Attend the Game Day Visit

On the designated day, arrive at the campus early and follow the provided instructions for parking and check-in. Make the most of your visit by interacting with current players, coaches, and fellow recruits. Take notes, ask questions, and immerse yourself in the game day atmosphere.

8. Follow-Up and Express Gratitude

After the game day visit, consider sending a follow-up email expressing your gratitude to the coaching staff and recruiters who hosted you. This professional gesture showcases your genuine interest in the program and leaves a positive impression.

9. Evaluate Your Experience

Take some time to reflect on your game day visit. Did you feel comfortable on campus? Did the atmosphere align with your expectations? Consider how the visit influenced your perception of the school and its athletic program.

10. Continue the Recruitment Process

A successful game day visit is just one step in the recruitment process. Use the insights gained during your visit to further evaluate your options. Stay in touch with the coaching staff, attend prospect camps, and maintain open communication to solidify your college choices.

Remember, each school’s process for setting up a game day visit may vary. Some schools might have online forms, while others may require direct contact with their coaching staff. Just because you experience a game day visit one way with a school, doesn’t mean it will be the same – or even similar – the next time. 

Always follow the instructions provided on the school’s official website and reach out to the compliance department or recruiting coordinator if you have any questions or concerns. With careful research and thorough preparation, your game day visit can be a transformative experience that guides your journey to signing day

(Top Photo by Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch)


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