The Top Recruits: Aidan Miller

On The Wire, we tell many stories about athletes progressing to the next level. Hearing such a story is beneficial to high school athletes and their parents to know what it takes and how to go about the process of getting recruited. 

As a company, Signing Day Sports’ main objective is to allow as many student-athletes as possible to move on to this next level. If there is a chance that someone out there can achieve their dreams by playing their sport at the collegiate level, we will set out to make that happen. Keeping our users informed and educated is a major component of that.

With that in mind, today’s article will discuss the recruiting prospects of one of the top baseball recruits in the country. Learning about these types of stories and what makes athletes “recruitable” to college coaches can be a great tool in progressing your own athletic career. 

Aidan Miller – Committed to the University of Arkansas

Where a prospect like Maxwell Clark excels as an all-around player, Aidan Miller differs in that he SPECIALIZES in hitting. Miller has been viewed as the top hitter in his graduating class for years. And his recent performance has only solidified his positioning relative to his peers. 

Competing against the best of the best in his age bracket in last September’s MLB-USA Baseball High School All-America Game, Miller was named MVP. He went 4-5 at the plate with three RBIs. He also won the home run derby at the event. This is what solidifying yourself looks like. 

If you have skills that make even your most competitive peers pale in comparison, you narrow in on that skill. Miller will garner lots of interest in the upcoming draft, and that comes with the added fold of him not having a specified position – he’s just crazy good at hitting!

“I played third base a little bit, and then I played left, right field, DH’ed a little bit. So, I was kind of all over. I pretty much just bounce around wherever the coach needs me to play,” said Miller. “I’m pretty comfortable at every spot and think I could play every spot at a high level. So, whatever it comes down to, I think I’ll be good and comfortable there.”

A quick search of his name on Twitter yields highlights that can pretty quickly monopolize your time. If he continues on this path, we may have the next Aaron Judge on our hands. 


Of course, not everybody is at this level. Not everybody needs to be. However, be confident in your skills. If you think you excel in something and you’re not being put in a position to exemplify that skill, ask for it. 

Find a way to showcase the best part of your game. Whether that be through an app like Signing Day Sports or showing off in-game when you know recruiters are in town. If there’s a piece of your game that you think can get you recruited, it needs to be communicated in some way to the people who make the final call on scholarship opportunities. It’s on you to make it happen. 

Photo: Aidan Miller (Perfect Game)

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