Taking Luck Out of the Recruiting Process

Athletes can get lucky sometimes.

Often times in sports unexpected things happen. Athletes need to accept these lucky or unlucky events that happen in the world of sports. But when it comes to recruiting, athletes don’t want to rely on luck. Jonny Gomes teams up with Signing Day Sports to take luck out of the equation.

Jonny Gomes

At just 20 years old, World Series champion Jonny Gomes experienced good luck. At the time Jonny was living in Petaluma, California and he had just completed his second year of junior college. With no collegiate offers on the table, he was preparing to enlist in the Marines. Then he received a call at home. A scout with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays asked Jonny to come tryout at a local field. This was a surprise for Jonny.  it was such a surprise that he initially thought the scout was trying to get in touch with his brother Joey, a much more coveted prospect at the time. But this was for Jonny, and as lucky and surprised as he might have felt, he jumped on the opportunity.

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