The Road To The 2024 U.S. Army Bowl: Jaiden Daniels

Commerce High School’s Jaiden Daniels is making waves in his home state of Georgia. In the first U.S. Army Bowl National Combine of 2024, the standout running back’s prowess on the gridiron quickly and easily captured the attention of fans and scouts alike. 

Jaiden Daniels

Jaiden Daniels – U.S. Army Bowl National Combine – Gainesville, Georgia

Hailing from Commerce, Georgia, Daniels has established himself as a force to be reckoned with, amassing impressive statistics and accolades throughout his high school career.

As a junior at Commerce High, Daniels showcased his exceptional talent, rushing for an astounding 1,965 yards and scoring 23 touchdowns. In fact, he surpassed the 1,000 yard mark after just seven games… 

“It feels pretty good, knowing that I can reach 1,000 yards within seven games,” Daniels said. “Shout out to my o-line, because they played a big part in it. We work hard every day in practice. That was one of my goals in the beginning of the season and I’m happy to hit it and celebrate with my team.”

His electrifying performances on the field propelled his team to an impressive 11-2 record, marking a significant improvement from previous seasons. With each yard gained and touchdown scored, Daniels solidified his reputation as one of the top running backs in the state. Daniels forms one-third of a dynamic trio that also includes fullback Tysean Wiggins and running back Jacari Huff. Together, the two are FEARED in Georgia. And their head coach, Mark Hollars, knows it. 

“Jaiden and Tysean are two special backs. We’re fortunate that we have balance, and we have two kids who shine,” Hollars said. “We’re proud of both of them, they’ve both really grown up as leaders and it’s a great team accomplishment, too.”

Daniels’ journey to football stardom began long before his junior season. As a freshman, he burst onto the scene with 1,425 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns, laying the foundation for his future success. In his sophomore year, Daniels continued to impress, recording 1,492 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns, further establishing himself as a dynamic playmaker.

However, it was during his junior campaign that Daniels truly shone, earning recognition from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as an All-State running back and garnering the title of Player of the Year for his region. His explosive speed, elusive moves, and relentless determination propelled him to the forefront of high school football in Georgia, eventually earning him a coveted invitation to the US Army Bowl.

At the Atlanta Combine, Daniels left an indelible impression on coaches and scouts, showcasing his remarkable skill set and undeniable potential. His selection to the US Army Bowl reflects not only his individual talent but also his dedication to excellence and unwavering work ethic.

What was most impressive about Daniels wasn’t even something that happened on the day of the combine. In his post-selection interview with The Wire, Daniels was asked how it feels to have his hard work pay off. His answer was unique and differentiated him. In a day and age where young athletes are continually being driven and motivated by recognition – whether by colleges, social media or otherwise, Daniels sees his hardworking pay off in a more tangible way. 

His answer: “I really focus on (my) weak things…Seeing it pay off; improving your feetwork, getting faster, chopping down times – it felt huge to me. I’m getting there. I’ve been praying for it.”

Looking ahead to his senior year, Daniels remains focused on leading his team to even greater heights. With a talented roster and a track record of success, Commerce is poised for another impressive season, and Daniels is determined to make his final year unforgettable.

As he prepares to don the uniform of the US Army Bowl, Daniels embodies the spirit of perseverance and determination. His journey from Commerce High to the national stage is a testament to his resilience and passion for the game. With every carry, he carries the hopes and dreams of his teammates, coaches, and community, representing the best of Georgia high school football.

Jaiden Daniels’ story is far from over, and as he embarks on the next chapter of his football career, one thing is certain: his legacy will endure long after the final whistle blows.

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