SDS Team Plans to Expand and Host More Events Across the Nation

May has been very successful for organizations and players alike.

The Signing Day Sports team has been traveling throughout the country to various locations to host official Pro Days and combines. The SDS helps by filming and assisting in getting athletes material to upload to their athlete profiles. The SDS team made appearances throughout Texas at Elysian Fields High School and Texas High School for official Pro Days. Athletes over in the Pacific Northwest were preparing for the first annual Ford Sports Performance vs Heir All Star game and SDS was there to help. Out in Kansas City, Mo, the SDS team helped Varsity Combine athletes create profiles and get verified measurements. These were just a few examples of where the SDS team has been this past month, and with plans to continue to expand and host more events across the nation, it won’t be long until they are at a field near you. 

Event Missions

At any event the SDS team attends, the goal is to support the athletes and showcase the material captured on the Signing Day Sports platform. This gives each player more exposure to college coaches and recruiters across the nation.

Whether that is by facilitating account signups and verifications, or by physically filming drills, it is an opportunity for young athletes to speak with and get assistance from the very team members that helped create the platform. 

sds host offical Pro Days

At the Elysian Fields High School and Texas High School Pro Days, the Signing Day Sports team was there for players of all positions to get their measurables verified and Pro Day drills filmed.

Following an established schedule to ensure all players get the attention they deserve, that meant splitting up the teams into position-based groups with linemen going first, followed by LBs and DBs, and then closing out with offensive skill positions in QBs, RBs, and WRs. Each group receives at least an hour of dedicated attention, promising to get every player’s height and weight accurately measured, as well as providing enough time to get through each respective position’s drills and fundamentals. As one group finishes up, the next group begins. While the format is established and followed throughout the day, athletes still can let the staff know if they want to give the other position-specific drills a try as well, giving room for flexibility for the players.

 The SDS went out to Kansas City for a Varsity Combine event. The overall structure of Pro Days and Combines are the same. However, Combines are held at facilities that include athletes from many different schools in the area. Pro Days also tend to be smaller events. In Kansas City, over 600 players filled out SDS profiles. Now, they have the opportunity to be seen by more coaches throughout the country. Combines get the same time and attention given to them as dedicated high school Pro Days. 

All-Star Game

At the end of the day players want to play and SDS knows this. The SDS team helps co-sponsor tournaments and game-events across the country. The SDS team took a trip to Seattle this past month to sponsor a facility rivalry game. The Ford Sports Performance (FSP) vs. Heir All-Star game proved to be a massive success. FSP ultimately pulled away and sealed the deal with an interception with under 2 minutes left in the game. This event had over 250 athletes. The SDS team saw this event as an opportunity to promote their mission.

sds to host offical pro days in the future

Looking ahead, Signing Day Sports has no plan to slow down their involvement in events across the nation. Stay tuned for upcoming locations that the SDS team will be at for you to get dedication attention on every SDS feature available. 

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