SDS Softball Relaunches with Stacked Influencer Program

Signing Day Sports is excited to announce the relaunch of our softball program, which will officially begin today. This program will be focused on providing players with access to developmental softball programs and raising awareness about the dynamics of collegiate softball recruitment. 

Notable softball players and coaches joining the Signing Day Sports team include University of Michigan infielder and professional softball player, Sierra Romero, and collegiate coaching veteran Mike Steuerwald. 

Lisa Rizzo

Mike Steuerwald

In addition to coaches and players, Signing Day Sports will also be partnering with regional training facilities throughout the country, such as Coach Lisa Rizzo’s Challenge U. Softball. These facilities will give players the opportunity to participate in clinics, camps, and other developmental programs.

“We’re dedicated to building a strong community of female athletes, starting with softball, and providing them with the technology tools to eliminate traditional recruitment barriers and get in front of more coaches and scouts,” said John Dorsey, CEO of Signing Day Sports.

With this partnership between Signing Day Sports and our softball influencers, athletes will have access to influential figures in the sport who have the experience and networks to increase exposure and highlight other important aspects of the recruiting process for Softball. 

“I was fortunate to be a top 5 recruit out of high school which in return put a lot of eyes on me. I recognize my recruiting process may have been different but the opportunities and growth I experienced from college are something everyone can and should have! I’m a better and stronger woman from playing college softball and I want the same for all young women. And that’s why Signing Day Sports is so important to me, it connects athletes with opportunities that might seem out of reach. Michigan was the best 4 years of my life and I want all female athletes to have the opportunity to experience the same,” said Sierra Romero.

Sierra Romero and the rest of the influencers understand the importance of continuing their athletic endeavors at the collegiate level and look forward to working with Signing Day Sports to help student-athletes reach their fullest potential.

Softball athletes who like or follow Signing Day Sports on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can send those accounts screenshots of their completed profiles to be entered in surprise giveaway contests.

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