SDS Featured Athlete: Grant Wise

Grant Wise’s journey as a football player is already filled with accomplishments and milestones. Starting varsity as a freshman, receiving his first offer from South Florida, and recently landing an offer from Miami, a dream school for Grant, have all shaped his path and suggest a promising future ahead.

As The Wire dives into Grant’s background, we get to know him beyond the football field, exploring his interests, his mindset, and his goals.

Signing Day Sports first met Grant Wise during the company’s College Exposure Combine Series in Alabama. 

“His weightlifting immediately stood out to me – and the rest of our team,” said Craig Smith with SDS. “I knew he was going to have a bright future and a long recruiting journey ahead.”

His passion for football runs deep, with the Wise family having a strong connection to the sport. 

“I’ve been playing football for about six years now. My dad and my brother both played, so it’s in our blood,” he explained. 

Grant Wise - Signing Day Sports

However, football isn’t the only thing that defines him. Finding a balance has been key for his development.

“Right now, I’m really into fishing. I’ve been going out almost every day for the past two weeks,” Grant shares. He also enjoys playing a variety of video games, including Fortnite and Call of Duty.

When it comes to his future beyond football, Grant has his sights set on pursuing a career in engineering, possibly with a biotech major. Academics hold significant importance for him. 

“Being a student-athlete, academics are just as important as playing football. You always have to have another plan after football because you can’t play forever,” Grant emphasizes. Balancing his academic and athletic pursuits is crucial to him.

Navigating the challenges of being a young recruit, Grant understands the importance of finding the right balance between academics, football, and his social life. He shares some advice for younger athletes who are also on their recruitment journey. 

“Focus on school. You’re a student-athlete, not an athlete-student. School always comes first,” Grant advises. He also emphasizes the significance of attending camps to get exposure to college coaches and staying healthy through proper nutrition, hydration, and adequate rest.

When it comes to preparing himself mentally and physically each day, Grant follows a disciplined routine. “I try to go to sleep at the same time every night to get a full night of sleep. I make sure to eat breakfast and carry a gallon of water with me everywhere, drinking a gallon of water every day,” Grant explains. 

He also incorporates stretching and weightlifting into his routine to stay flexible and strong for his position as a lineman.

Throughout his journey, Grant’s father, who is also a coach at his school, has been his biggest mentor. Ty Wise is an alumnus of the Miami Hurricanes’ football team where he played from 1996-1999 and was the team’s starting center for two years. As they say: like father, like son.

“My dad has been my biggest mentor. He’s always taught me the right technique, the right form, and coached me up. He’s always made sure I’m doing the right things,” Grant shares. 

His father’s guidance and expertise have played a pivotal role in his development as a player. As a lineman, Grant faces unique challenges in the recruiting process. 

“For linemen, it’s all about having fast feet, good hands, and the willingness to finish blocks. Even if the play is moving in the other direction, you keep going until the whistle blows,” Grant explains. 

Receiving offers from Miami (FL), South Florida, Marshall, Georgia Tech, Troy, and Charlotte, Grant reflects on the excitement of these opportunities. “It feels really good in the moment. You’re excited. But then you have to realize you have to go back to work, keep getting better, and earn more offers,” Grant says. 

He vividly recalls the life-changing moment when he received the scholarship offer from Miami University. 

Walking down the school hallway, on his way to weightlifting, Grant’s father intercepted him, phone in hand. Grant’s curiosity piqued as his dad whispered, ‘He is walking out right now.’ Moments later, Grant found himself on the phone with Coach Mirabal from Miami University – their offensive lineman coach. 

The scene painted a vivid picture: 

“I was walking down the hall on my way to weightlifting,” Grant recounts. “And my dad walks in, he was on the phone, I heard him say, ‘he is walking out right now.’ And I was like, ‘me?’”

Grant’s astonishment was palpable, as he tried to comprehend the words he heard. “When I got on the phone, it was the (offensive) line coach at Miami, Coach Mirabal,” he recalls. “He offered me there.”

Overwhelmed with excitement, Grant recounts his disbelief, saying, “I couldn’t believe it, honestly. I was so excited the rest of the day.”

That fateful call marked a turning point in Grant’s life, validating his hard work and dedication. The news of the scholarship offer fueled his excitement, leaving him energized for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. But the work doesn’t stop there.

He feels the responsibility to prove himself and show people around him why these schools have offered him. But for those who know him, it’s abundantly clear that he will prove the schools who have offered him right – and all subsequent offers that are sure to come. 

Good luck to Grant in his sophomore season at Pace High School and in the rest of his recruiting journey. The team at Signing Day Sports will be paying close attention. 

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