Rich Symington Talks Signing Day Sports On Big Biz Show

Signing Day Sports President, Rich Symington, recently took the spotlight on the Big Biz Show, a nationally recognized platform with hosts Bob Sullivan and Mike Costa. As stated on their website, the Big Biz Show is seen and heard in 100 million homes every weekday across a variety of channels. The engaging discussion dove into the innovative business model of Signing Day Sports, emphasizing its commitment to revolutionizing the recruiting process with athletes at the forefront.

Watch their conversation below to see how Signing Day Sports is changing the game.

Show Highlights

Symington elaborated on the platform’s mission and its potential to reshape the landscape of college sports recruitment. The hosts, who personally connected to the platform, expressed enthusiasm for the concept. Sullivan shared his experience with his daughters navigating the volleyball recruitment process, recognizing the value Signing Day Sports could have brought to their journey. 

Costa, who shares ties with SDS General Manager Jeff Hecklinski from his time at San Diego State, highlighted Hecklinski’s extensive network. It’s noteworthy that Hecklinski’s connections extend even to prominent media members in San Diego, showcasing the depth of his influence and expertise in the space.

As Symington’s insights resonated, the interview showcased the widespread appeal of Signing Day Sports. Investors and viewers alike are encouraged to watch this conversation, offering a glimpse into the company’s vision and the positive reception it’s garnering. Don’t miss this compelling interview and gain valuable insights into Signing Day Sports – future of college sports recruitment.

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