Jacob Fitzer Gets His Opportunity

Jacob Fitzer is a true team player…

He patiently waited for his chance to play quarterback at Eufaula High School in Eufaula, Oklahoma. But player injuries and a short bench meant he played another position on his small team. Despite not playing quarterback a lot, Jacob got his opportunity. He received an offer to play for the Fighting Scots football team at Lyon College this fall.

“I’ve played tight end my whole life,” says Jacob. Jacob also played basketball and baseball before settling on football as his sport of choice. “I got to play a little quarterback in middle school and at the beginning of high school where I started on the junior varsity team, but then one of our linemen got hurt and I got moved to center — I played center at 180 pounds and six feet for the rest of the season, right up until the third round of playoffs.”

Hoping for a chance to shine during his junior year, Jacob started working with quarterback trainer Derek Rasmussen. “All I wanted to do was play quarterback,” says Jacob.  
But Jacob’s coaches felt he would be better suited to play center and, always the team player, he obliged. “I go to a smaller school, and you don’t get to pick and choose your position, you’re just trying to find playing time,” he says. 
What’s more, his team was moving towards using a wildcat offense during games and Jacob emulated a pro-style quarterback approach. “They wanted to run the ball. We had a great running back and I wasn’t mobile enough. That was part of the reason I didn’t get the quarterback spot,” admits Jacob. During his time on the varsity team, he played offensive line and tight end. He focused less on his dreams of playing quarterback and more on improving his skills as a player. Jacob also hoped that he might be able to continue his love for football on a college team.

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