Introducing Signing Day Sports’ Soccer Influencers

If you haven’t already been made aware, Signing Day Sports recently launched soccer as the fourth sport supported by its platform. As part of the launch, SDS has signed notable professional soccer influencers in Sofia Huerta, Janine Beckie, and Brad Evans. 

These soccer influencers will share their recruiting stories and spread awareness for Signing Day Sports’ expansion into men’s and women’s soccer. 

The athletes that have signed on with Signing Day Sports have all done so because they believe in the product and its ability to improve college recruiting. If something is broken, fix it. This mentality motivated the founders of the company early on, and it’s what continues to bring like-minded people onboard. 

Sofia Huerta

“It’s a no-brainer for me,” explains Huerta, regarding her support of Signing Day Sports. “I want other student-athletes who are passionate about the game to have the opportunity to recognize their full potential and extend their careers through college and beyond.”

Huerta was, and continues to be a successful soccer player. In high school, however, she didn’t keep her talents exclusively to soccer as she also participated in track and basketball. She grew up in Boise, Idaho and attended Centennial High School. All in all, she played 11 seasons of high school varsity sports. 

Sofia Huerta

Sofia Huerta

It can be difficult perusing her list of accolades and trying to decide which ones say the most about her ability. She scored upwards of 100 goals in high school. Not to mention, she led her club team to six Idaho State Championships. She twice won the Idaho Gatorade Player of the Year award and was even an ESPN RISE All-American.

By the way, these are just accomplishments listed from high school. “Highly decorated” is an understatement.

Still, there’s a discrepancy when it comes to college recruiting, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Huerta. 

“I grew up in a state that honestly didn’t get a lot of exposure when it comes to soccer. We didn’t play all year around, we weren’t playing every weekend in front of college coaches. I really wasn’t seen, and that affected who I was recruited by.” recalls Huerta.

Remembering her early days and the lack of exposure compelled her to join Signing Day Sports’ team. And she recognizes the potential influence that a platform like Signing Day Sports has in young athletes’ lives. 

She has since gone on to play for multiple professional clubs and even multiple international clubs. Huerta is one of two players to ever compete for both the United States and Mexican women’s national teams. 

Janine Beckie

“Where do I even begin?” Beckie recalls thinking when her recruiting journey first began.

According to her, she was recruited the old-fashioned way. She played in countless club tournaments hoping to get noticed. Luckily for her, it worked. And thank goodness it did; her teams have reaped the benefits.

Janine Beckie

Janine Beckie

Beckie is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado and competed on the varsity soccer team at Valor Christian High School. She scored 63 goals and assisted on 35 more over the course of her 4-year varsity career. She won the prestigious Gatorade Girls Soccer Player of the Year award in 2012.  

More of the same followed after she committed to Texas Tech University. She holds numerous records at the school including most career goals with an astounding 57 over 4 years. She was an All-Big 12 first-team selection all four years, and completed her collegiate career by being named Dallas News’ player of the year. 

Thinking back on her time being recruited, and the immediate aftermath, she can’t help but think there had to be an easier way.

“There are so many benefits to a platform like Signing Day Sports. Being able to upload clips that a coach can see without having to ask takes the pressure off of the athlete to be in that conversation, and to have that conversation initially with a college coach when they’re just kind of getting started in the process,” she said.

Seeing the potential in Signing Day Sports’ service is why Beckie continues to be an advocate for the company. She knows the impact it would’ve had on her journey and now she wants the best for young athletes who are in the same position that she was. 

Now, she represents the Canadian women’s team on the national stage. Although, “represents” might be an understatement. Beckie features as the fourth highest goal-scorer in the program’s history – and she’s just getting started. 

Thanks in part to Janine’s three goals, Canada successfully defended their bronze medal in the Summer Olympics in 2016. With the momentum of two consecutive bronze medal finishes, the Great White North set out to Japan last year with high hopes. In a thrilling match that eventually led to penalty kicks, Canada emerged victorious, making Beckie an Olympic gold medal winner. 

Brad Evans

“The game is changing. Soccer is becoming more of a statistics driven sport. And to have a platform that can portray these statistics is a welcome change,” said Evans, team ambassador for the Seattle Sounders. 

Brad Evans’ youth soccer days saw him paired with two team members at Signing Day Sports, Trey Thompson and Andrew Weber. The three have worked hard to create and spread awareness for the new platform. 

Evans grew up in Arizona where he competed on a local club team called the Tempe Pros and for his Mountain Pointe High School varsity team. It was around this time that Andrew, Trey and Brad thought to themselves that there should be a more efficient means of recruitment. This led the trio to team up again all these years later in order to push today’s youths toward the Signing Day Sports’ platform. 

Brad Evans

Brad Evans

He’s now transitioned to his post-playing career which entails play-by-play work for the Sounders, acting as the team ambassador for the Sounders, and even coaching.

“I’m a high school soccer coach now,” mentions Evans. “I have a lot of kids who are very talented but they go to a small, small high school. If I could get them on this platform, they can get more eyes on them. As much as I can tell coaches to watch my players, being able to put all of their information into one place and blasting it out to coaches is a much more efficient way to get my kids to the next level.”

Evans was a star in his own right with the Sounders. His bio reads:

Nobody embodied the mantra of flexibility quite like Brad Evans, who clawed his way up to become a fixture for Sounders FC through dogged on-field work and a memorable personality. Evans began his career as a midfielder, but he’s played just about everywhere except forward since joining the team (and scoring) in its first ever MLS match in 2009. Evans has proven to be a capable center back, a quality right back that he earned USMNT call-ups to play in the position as recently as 2016, and he has even filled in at left back. An outspoken and unflinching leader, they don’t come much more honest than Evans.”

Evans continues to be in the public eye through podcasts and his work with the Sounders. His persistent support of SDS has gone a long way in lending credibility to the platform. Soon, the focus will shift from spreading awareness to ushering his team’s players to the next level. 

Soccer Influencer’s Moving Forward

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We couldn’t be more excited to call them part of the Signing Day Sports team!

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