Damar Hamlin: Athlete Health and Safety

As professionals and experts in the sports industry, our team at Signing Day Sports is sensitive to how injuries impact the lives of not only athletes but those around them as well. As evidenced by the worldwide reaction to Damar Hamlin collapsing in an NFL game, some things transcend sports. Most notably, athletes’ health and safety. 

Damar Hamlin is a 24-year-old safety with the Buffalo Bills. He is in his second year with the team after being drafted in the sixth round in 2021. He attended the University of Pittsburgh where he was a team captain and was named second-team All-ACC. 

On January 2nd, on Monday Night Football, Damar Hamlin was competing against the Cincinnati Bengals when he lined up to tackle an opposing wide receiver, Tee Higgins

After following through with the tackle to the ground, Hamlin returned to his feet for a brief moment, but then abruptly fell back over, appearing to lose consciousness. What followed was a harrowing scene in which athletes from both teams, officials, coaches, fans in the audience, and the broadcasters could only stand and watch in disbelief. 

In the aftermath, the world, including us here at Signing Day Sports, seemed to reconsider their priorities. While sports such as football are commonly associated with a “put your nose to the grindstone no matter the circumstance” type of mindset, the severity of this injury calls into question this notion. 

Athletes’ well-being – whether that is mental, physical, emotional, or otherwise – is priority number one. Always. 

There are never any exceptions to this rule. Wins don’t matter. Salaries don’t matter. Getting recruited doesn’t matter.  None of these things matter when it comes to athletes’ health and safety. 

Signing Day Sports takes a strong stance in support of all athletes’ health and safety. We encourage athletes everywhere to prioritize these things above all else. Consider what’s best for you before thinking of your team, coaches, or future prospects – and let Signing Day help you on your journey. 

We know how important these things are to athletes – specifically young, developing athletes. And before you focus on anything regarding your recruitment, make sure you are participating in your sport in a safe and mindful way. 

Our team is trained to help you navigate your athletic journey and ensure that your well-being is a main priority. We encourage Signing Day Sports users to learn about how to take care of yourself first. We want the best for our athletes and as much as we want to see our users develop in their respective sports, that isn’t what matters most.

Signing Day Sports stands behind Damar Hamlin, the Hamlin family, and the Buffalo Bills in this difficult time, and hope to see him make a full recovery as soon as possible. 

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