Advice on Recruitment with Sierra Romero

Sierra Romero, a professional softball player, was once a high school softball player looking to be recruited to the next level.

“During my recruitment process it was a bit different than the norm I was the top three recruit in the nation, so I did have a lot of coaches coming at me right away,” Romero said. 

Even as a top recruit in the country, Romero still knew what she wanted from a school and what she wasn’t willing to give up. This is something Romero says is important for all recruits.

“I think that it’s important that in the recruitment process you make sure that you have those pros and those cons and those non-negotiables. Those things that you are looking for because at the end of the day, it’s your future it’s what you want to pursue and you have to look at it as what is best for you,” Romero said. 

It’s important for student-athletes to know what they want and need from a school. Knowing these things will help student-athletes decide on a school and help them be content with their decision in the long run. 

Romero didn’t experience first-hand the difficulties of the recruiting process. However, she knows the difficulties exist and wants student-athletes to have a great experience playing college sports just like she did. Signing Day Sports helps to ease these difficulties that arise in the recruiting process.

“If you play softball and you want to go to the next level this app is here to help you and I encourage you to use it. I want you to have that same experience I did because it’s something you’ll never forget even ten years from now you’re going to always wish that you could go back,” Romero said.

The Signing Day Sports app is also designed to help college coaches not just student-athletes. College coaches can find everything they need to know about prospective athletes on the app. 

“For college coaches, Signing Day Sports is going to be huge for your recruiting process. It’s already tough, you’re traveling every weekend while also trying to manage a team back home and get ready for your entire week,” Romero said. “With this app you are able to find those hidden gems and you are able to find if an athlete is really what you’re looking for. And then decide if you want to actually go out and see them. You can communicate with them through the app you’re going to get all verified video, stats, everything on there is going to be everything you are looking for,” Romero said.

The SDS makes the recruitment process simplifier for both college coaches and student-athletes. 

“Now you have this one app Signing Day Sports where coaches can come find you and to me it’s like finding those hidden gems,” Romero said. “They didn’t know they needed you until they saw you on the app.”

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